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Independent international publicist, music career development promotion strategist, bilingual creative and music supervisor / sync and license specialist.

Graduate of Berklee College Of Music as a Music Supervisor, Fanny Hulard holds a long musical career, from awarded musician to Grammy member music professional with more than 20 years of experience in the music and film industries in both North America and Europe.

"I am a self-made professional in the many fields I've been involved in and I'm always up to a new challenge."


Based in Los Angeles, California, I was born in France and travelled throughout the world my whole life, driven by a love for arts, cultures, food, languages and adventure.

I'm bilingual in English and in French.

I began my career as an intern at XIX Management in London, UK and then at the head office of the music promotion and booking company, Emodays, in Lyon, France.

I worked as event coordinator, educator, music & video director / editor / producer, consultant and curator.

Along the way, I created my own independent publishing company to release my band's music and other musical projects I like. As the label's manager, I've been in charge of marketing, publicity, creative contents, royalties distributions, licensing, and artist development for many years. 


Because I know every stage of being an artist and what it takes to bring a creation to the public. My experience and education taught me communication beyond cultures and languages.

To me, art is a universal language. My passion is to translate it and deliver it to the world.

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